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Detailed instructions for cleaning a carpet

At Techweise, we understand better than anyone the need for thorough and effective cleaning to extend the life of the carpet. In this article we share effective tips and techniques to get your carpet back in top condition. Are you reading along?

How do I prevent a dirty carpet?

Prevention is always better than cure. That is why it is important to know how a dirty carpet is created. A dirty carpet or rug can have various causes.

About 90% of stains on carpets or rugs are caused by everyday use, such as dirty shoes or spilled red wine. Pets that like to lie on the carpet can also contribute to pollution.

Taking off shoes is certainly a useful habit, but it does not prevent all forms of pollution. Moreover, it is difficult to completely remove living dust mites with a regular vacuum cleaner. In most cases, a steam cleaner comes in handy, especially when combined with various accessories. It is always advisable to thoroughly vacuum the rug or carpet before using the steam cleaner.

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Extensive step-by-step plan for cleaning a carpet

Step 1: Check your carpet for stains 

Before you start cleaning, it is essential to thoroughly check your carpet for stains and dirt. In some cases it is better to clean the carpet on spots where there is visible dirt, instead of cleaning the entire carpet. Depending on the type of carpet, cleaning a carpet can sometimes cause some damage. Therefore, carefully identify the stains, scuffs and the type of fibers to determine the correct cleaning method.

Step 2: Make room to clean the carpet

A well-prepared area makes the cleaning process easier. Make space and move furniture to the side. In addition, ensure sufficient ventilation to promote faster drying times.

Step 3: Clean carpet with a steam cleaner.

The most effective cleaning method for cleaning a carpet is a steam cleaner. We recommend the Techwise NV 286 steam cleaner for this. This steam cleaner not only offers powerful performance, but also comes with extensive accessories designed specifically for carpet cleaning.

High steam pressure effortlessly removes bacteria, stains and allergens while renewing the fibers of your carpet. In addition, this steam cleaner uses dry steam so that the carpet does not get too wet.

Step 5: Let the carpet dry thoroughly

After cleaning, aftercare is crucial. Treat any remaining stains with a high-quality stain remover and allow for a quick drying time to prevent mold from forming. It is therefore important that you ventilate well with the windows open after cleaning.

Enjoy the end result

With these detailed instructions for cleaning a carpet, we assure you of a flawless and durable result. We always recommend using a steam cleaner over chemical agents. This way you have the least chance of damage and stains are removed most effectively. This way you can enjoy your carpet again like the first day you bought it!