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The perfect spring cleaning: you don't know these tips & tricks yet

When transitioning to spring, it is essential to thoroughly clean both house and garden and make a fresh start for the wonderful summer days. However, crucial surfaces are often forgotten during spring cleaning. That's why this  article is full of detailed and practical tips for spring cleaning that will not only transform your living space but also improve your mood! Let's dive in quickly.

What should we clean during spring cleaning?

In the spring we will enjoy the sun again, so we especially want to clean the outside of the house. In this article we focus on:

  1. The garden furniture
  2. The Windows
  3. Flushing the pipes: a crucial thing that is often forgotten.


Step one: start with good planning

A structured approach is crucial for effective spring cleaning. Start by creating a detailed plan, writing down each room and specific tasks.

By having an overview, you minimize wasted time and maximize cleaning results. Of course, we don't want to spend hours without results!


1. Flush drain pipes with a sewer hose

A forgotten but crucial aspect of spring cleaning is drain line maintenance. Have you ever thought about all that hair, wax, shower gels, detergents and cooking grease in the pipes? That's looking good! Use a powerful sewer hose to remove grease and dirt from the pipes to prevent blockages. You can easily connect a sewer hose to your high-pressure cleaner. Do you have a Kärcher high-pressure cleaner? Then use this sewer hose.

This removes all the dirt and the pipe runs smoothly again.

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Steps for cleaning the drain:

  1. Preparation: Make sure the sewer hose is properly connected to the correct pressure washer.
  2. Insert slowly: Carefully slide the hose into the drain to avoid damage.
  3. Insert and remove the sewer hose from the pipe and let the sewer hose do its work. 
  4. Water flow: After use, allow water to flow through the pipes to flush away any residue.

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2. Remove deposits from garden furniture 

Garden furniture has had to endure a lot during the winter months. It is therefore crucial to bring your garden furniture back to life and remove tarnish. 

You can use a steam cleaner for this, a powerful device that effectively removes dirt and bacteria. The advantage of this is that only water is used and no chemicals, which can cause damage to your furniture.

Whether it concerns mold, green deposits or moss: with the power of steam, every type of deposit is immediately removed and your furniture will be like new again!

We recommend for cleaning dirt and grime  this steam cleaner .



Steps for thorough cleaning of garden furniture:

  1. Preparation: Remove loose dirt and leaves from the garden furniture.
  2. Steam application: use the steam cleaner on the desired surfaces with a constant movement. Move slowly over the surface to be cleaned.
  3. Drying and checking: Dry the furniture with a clean cloth and check for any remaining stains.

3. Wash windows with a window squeegee

To enjoy all the flowers and plants in the garden, it is important that the windows shine. Use a window wiper with a handle for this, for example this window wiper from Techweise . This has a long handle that can also be used to clean high windows. Washing windows is an essential job during spring cleaning!

Step-by-step use of a window squeegee

  1. Preparation: Make sure the window surface is free of coarse dirt particles.
  2. Humidification: Lightly dampen the window with some dishwashing liquid and water
  3. To use the window squeegee: Pull the window squeegee downwards in vertical movements, starting from the top.
  4. Checking for streaks: Check the window for any streaks and use the window wiper again if necessary

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From flushing drain pipes to blasting windows and cleaning garden furniture, we are confident that your home will be ready for a new season full of freshness and comfort!

The powerful one Techweise sewer hose provides a solution for an often overlooked area: the drain pipes. By using this tool correctly, you prevent blockages and optimize water flow, resulting in a smoothly functioning sewer system.

For the windows, it is best to use a window wiper with a handle, such as this one. You can also clean high windows with this. 

Finally, you bring with a powerful steam cleaner returns your garden furniture to its original state. Whether it concerns stubborn dirt on plastic or wood, a steam cleaner provides in-depth cleaning that extends the life of your garden furniture. We recommend this steam cleaner for spring cleaning!

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