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This is how you remove mold in the bathroom once and for all


Mold in the bathroom is a common problem that not only poses serious concerns but is also harmful to health. In this article we share effective tips to prevent and combat mold formation, and provide a detailed step-by-step plan to remove mold and ensure that mold never returns. Namely with a steam cleaner.


Prevention is better than cure

First we need to understand how to prevent mold. If you don't know this, mold will always come back and you will continue to remove mold. Below you will find a number of solutions that will prevent mold in the future.

1. Ventilate after every shower

One of the main factors contributing to mold growth is inadequate ventilation. Make sure you keep the bathroom well ventilated after showering. Install a powerful extractor hood and let it run for sufficient time after showering or bathing to remove moisture. You can also choose to open the windows after showering.

Schimmel in de badkamer voorkomen

2. Clean your bathroom regularly

Regular and thorough cleaning of the bathroom is essential. However, where many people go wrong is that they immediately use chemical remedies. This is effective for a while, but does not remove the mold at the core. Therefore, always use a steam cleaner to remove mold in the bathroom. Hot steam ensures that bacteria and mold are killed and do not return. In addition, you do not have to use chemicals, which is a lot better for the environment.


3. Avoid stagnant water

Standing water is a breeding ground for mold. Therefore, always wipe the tiles with a squeegee after showering and dry the shower cubicle.  Repair leaky taps and regularly check for damp spots under the sink and around the shower. Preventing standing water is a proactive measure to reduce mold growth.

4. Use anti-fungal paint

A smart preventive step is to paint the bathroom with mold-resistant paint. This paint provides an extra layer of protection and prevents mold from adhering to surfaces. Choose a high-quality anti-fungal paint for lasting protection.

5. Use natural air purifiers

Consider placing natural air purifiers, such as air purifying plants, in the bathroom. These plants not only help improve air quality, but also absorb moisture, which prevents mold growth.


Step-by-step plan for mold removal with the Techweise NV286 Steam Cleaner

The most effective solution against mold in the bathroom is a steam cleaner. Thanks to its high pressure, the advanced steam technology immediately puts an end to all types of bacteria and fungi in the bathroom. In addition, the steam cleans your grout and tiles, making your bathroom immediately look like new. Proceed as follows with a steam cleaner .


Don't have a steam cleaner at home yet? The Techweise Nv286 steam cleaner is an advanced steam cleaner with special brushes that prevent mold.

  • Preparation:
        • Make sure the bathroom is well ventilated.
        • Wear protective clothing, gloves and a mask to protect yourself from mold spores.
      • Inspection:
        • Identify areas of mold growth and mark them for targeted cleaning.
  • Techweise NV286 steam cleaner Setting:
      • Fill the steam cleaner with water according to the instructions.
      • Choose a small brush and attach it to the device.
  • Remove the mold:
        • Point the steam cleaner at the affected surfaces and slowly move back and forth over the mold.
        • Work from top to bottom to prevent mold spores from spreading.
  • Remove stubborn spots:
        • For stubborn mold stains, repeat the steam cleaning and use a stiff brush for extra cleaning.
  • Drying and ventilation:
        • Dry the cleaned surfaces thoroughly with a clean cloth.
        • Provide continuous ventilation to remove residual moisture.
  • Precautionary actions:
      • Apply anti-fungal paint to previously affected areas.
      • Follow the preventive tips mentioned earlier to prevent recurrence.



    By following these effective tips and using the Techweise NV286 steam cleaner , you can not only combat mold in the bathroom once and for all, but also prevent it. Keep your bathroom clean, well ventilated and protected from mold for a healthy living environment.