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Window Wiper with Telescopic Handle and Spray (1.30m)Window Wiper with Telescopic Handle and Spray (1.30m)

Are you looking for a window wiper with a telescopic handle for streak-free cleaning of your windows? Then you have come to the right place at Techweise. At Techweise you will find 2-in-1 window wipers that allow you to clean and chamois the windows in no time. Order the window wiper that suits you on this page!

Window wipers

A window cleaner is indispensable for keeping the windows clean. With our window wipers you can clean the windows and dry them immediately without streaks, so that the windows look neat again in no time. Window wipers at Techweise are equipped with a sponge, spray function, telescopic handle and drip tray, so you no longer need any other means. This makes cleaning your windows simple, efficient and effective!

Window wiper with a telescopic handle

A telescope window wiper is ideal when you want to clean windows that are difficult to reach. You can easily extend a telescopic window wiper to the length you need, and just as easily fold it in so that the window wiper does not take up any space. At Techweise you will find window wipers that you can easily connect to a telescopic handle, but can also be used without a handle, making these window wipers suitable for multiple situations.

Clean windows without streaks with Techweise

Cleaning windows can be a big job when you have a lot of windows. That's why we at Techweise are happy to give you a helping hand. Our window wipers are equipped with a telescopic handle, so you can leave the stairs in the shed. In addition, a window wiper is equipped with a sponge, a rubber (to clean the windows) and a spray function. This gives you the opportunity to first clean the windows so that the dirt is removed and then clean the windows without streaks.

In addition, our window wipers with telescopic handle have a drip tray, which ensures that the dirty water is collected in a water reservoir. This allows you to clean the windows streak-free and you don't have to worry about dripping water down your wrists. This way, cleaning windows becomes a fun activity! 

Are you looking for a window wiper that you can adjust so that you can reach the corners more easily? Then you have also come to the right place at Techweise. Our window wipers with telescope are adjustable by 45 degrees, allowing you to clean even hard-to-reach corners. 

Buy window wiper at Techweise

Because our window wipers are equipped with the most extensive functions, you will always find a suitable window wiper that suits you. Our window wipers are delivered free of charge the next day and are equipped with the best materials. Can't figure it out or do you have a question? Please contact us and our specialist team will help you order your new window wiper with telescopic handle seven days a week!