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4-in-1 Mopping System with Spray and Collapsible Bucket4-in-1 Mopping System with Spray and Collapsible Bucket
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Superpress Mopping System with Self-Cleaning BucketSuperpress Mopping System with Self-Cleaning Bucket

Order mopping systems from Techweise

Are you looking for the ultimate solution for a shiny clean floor? At Techweise we have an extensive collection of mops and mopping systems that make your mopping experience a lot easier. Whether you are looking for a mop with bucket , a mop with wringing system or a mop set with bucket and spray function: Techweise has it all. View this page and find the mop that suits you best.

Different types of mop types: which one do you choose?

At Techweise you will find an innovative mopping pad that will clean your floors in no time. This mop set For example, it is equipped with a spray function that allows you to easily spray water and cleaning products onto the floor to be cleaned.

Thanks to our strong microfiber cloths that are suitable for every type of floor, you can clean all types of floors powerfully within a few minutes. Our complete mopping systems are supplied with a floor wiper with mopping system and bucket. This means the floor squeegee does all the work and you don't have to get your hands wet.

Are you looking for a mop set that allows you to separate dirty and clean water? Then the Techweise Superpress mop set is really something for you. This mop set automatically cleans the microfiber cloth and determines how wet you should mop the floor!

Optimal cleaning with the Techweise mopping systems

Techweise's mopping systems are ideal for quickly, powerfully cleaning floors. Because these mops are equipped with many innovative functions, mopping now becomes even easier. Because this floor mop can be rotated 360 degrees, you can easily clean distant corners, leaving the entire floor neatly clean. In addition, our floor wipers are equipped with a water reservoir that you can fill with 200 ml of water or cleaning agent. This means you don't have to fill the bucket every time, but you can also mop using just the spray function.

Mopping different types of floors

Techweise mops are made for every type of floor. It is important that you use the correct cleaning agent. Below you will find an overview of all floors that you can mop with this innovative floor mop

  • A tiled floor
  • A laminate floor 
  • A parquet floor 
  • A PVC or vinyl floor
  • A sail

Before you start mopping a floor with this floor mop, it is important that you use the correct cleaning agent. Every floor requires a different treatment. At Techweise we are happy to advise you on choosing a suitable cleaning agent. 

Mop system with smart bucket

With the new Superpress Mop Set, mopping is now even faster. The bucket is equipped with a smart water system that makes the mop itself moist enough. You also no longer have to wring out thanks to the innovative pressing system! This makes mopping less effort and also goes a lot faster!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a mop and a mop?
A mop is traditionally used for manually cleaning floors, while a mop often has a more advanced system with a bucket and wringing mechanism for more efficient cleaning.

Which mopping systems do you offer?
We offer a variety of mopping systems, including rotary mopping systems and wring-out mopping systems , each designed to thoroughly clean different types of floors.

How often should I replace my mop or mop?
It is recommended to replace your mop regularly, depending on the intensity of use and the degree of wear. In general, we recommend replacing mops and mops every few months for optimal performance and hygiene.

Can your mop sets be used on all types of floors?
Yes, our mop sets are suitable for a wide range of floor types including tile, laminate, wood, vinyl and more. Our mop sets are designed to effectively remove dirt and stains without damaging the floor.

Are your mopping systems suitable for use with cleaning products?
Yes, our mopping systems can be used with both water and cleaning agents, depending on your personal preference and the specific cleaning needs of your floor.

What is the best way to clean my mop or mop?
We recommend rinsing your mop or mop thoroughly after use and allowing it to dry to prevent bacteria and odors. Some of our mops and mops are also machine washable for easy cleaning.

Do you offer a warranty on your mops and mops?
Yes, we offer a warranty on all our mops. Please contact our customer service for more information about our warranty conditions.